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We don’t just give students an education and experiences that set them up for success in a career. We provide instruction centered around moral character development and civic virtue.  Apply today to give your children the advantage of a Hillsdale Classical Education. 

What is American Classical Education?

In a Hillsdale classical school, teachers lead students toward moral and intellectual virtue by means of a rich and robust course of study in the liberal arts and sciences, with instruction in the principles of moral character and civic virtue.

Grades K-5
Grades 6-12
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Grammar School Curriculum

We offer students a knowledge-rich curriculum, taught using the most time-tested methods. The grammar school curriculum (grades K-5) includes explicit phonics to teach spelling and reading; sentence diagramming to teach grammar; the Core Knowledge Sequence to give students cohesive, content-rich instruction in literature, history, and science; Singapore math to teach students to think mathematically; and introductory Latin to build the powers of the students’ minds and unlock the English language. Even in the lower grades, students will begin enjoying Socratic discussion of great books. Students also receive regular instruction in art, music, and physical education in grades K-8. 

Upper School Curriculum

The upper school curriculum (grades 6-12) is focused on clear thinking and skillful communication. Students will read and discuss whole works of classic literature, study primary sources, prove geometric theorems, translate Latin poetry, and engage in careful scientific investigations. To graduate, all seniors must write a senior thesis, which they present and defend orally in front of their fellow students, members of the faculty, and the headmaster.