Hillsdale Schools Achievement Data

Hillsdale Member School Highlights

December 2023


Enrollment & Waitlist, 2023-24

  • For the 2022-23 school year, there were 14,999 students in 23 Hillsdale College Member Schools.
  • The average Member School enrolls 652 students, and three schools enroll over 1,000 students.
  • There were 9,930 students on waitlists to get into Member Schools for 2023-24, an average of 432 students per school.
  • There are four schools with over 1000 students on their waiting list.


Demographics, 2023-24

  • Member Schools had an average student retention of 86% from the prior to the current school year.
  • Over 17% of Member School students are receiving special education supports, and over 3% are receiving supports as English Language Learners.
  • Over 17% of Member School students qualified for free/reduced lunch.


Faculty & Staff Data, 2023-24

  • Member Schools have a total of 1107 faculty members and 730 staff, with an average of 50 faculty and 33 staff per school.
  • An average of 30-40% of Member School teachers attend our Summer Conference each year.
  • 30% of Member School faculty have a master’s degree or equivalent; almost 4% have a Ph.D. or equivalent.
  • Member School teachers have an average of 8 years of teaching experience, and 2 ½ years teaching at their current schools.


Test Scores, 2023

  • The graduating class of 2023 from Member Schools had an average SAT score of 1176, compared to the national average of 1028.
  • The graduating class of 2023 from Member Schools had an average ACT score of 23.9, compared to the national average of 19.5.
  • In grades 3-10, school performance is evaluated by looking at proficiency on state reading and math tests. For the 2022-23 school year, Member Schools on average scored more than 15% higher than their comparable state averages across both reading and math.


Graduate Info

  • Member Schools had 181 students graduate in 2023. 67% are now attending a 4-year college, 22% attending a 2-year college, and 3% are enlisting in the U.S. military (8% other).


Other School Highlights 

  • Michael Rose,Headmaster of Cincinnati Classical Academy, has released a new book, The Art of Being Human: What “Old Books” Can Tell Us (and Warn Us) About Living in the 21st Century
  • On Michigan public school index scores, Ivywood Classical Academy scored #6 among all charter schools, #1 in their authorizer’s portfolio (Central Michigan University), and the #1 middle school compared to all surrounding districts (Northville, Plymouth, Canton, and Livonia public and public charter schools) for the 2021-22 school year.
  • In the US News & World Report Rankings system, Atlanta Classical Academy is ranked 39th among Georgia high schools and #2 in high schools located within the Atlanta Public Schools district.
  • Orange County Classical Academy was recognized as a California Distinguished School by the state superintendent in January 2023, the only school in the Orange Unified School District to receive this honor and the first school in the district to receive the honor since 2018.
  • Hillsdale Academy scored #4 in the nation on the CLT10, a standardized assessment offered by the Classic Learning Test. The CLT10 is a competitor product to the PSAT.
  • Golden View Classical Academy has been recognized as a Distinction School by the Colorado Charter School Institute for four years in a row (2019-2022). The award is presented to schools for excellence in academic, financial, and organizational performance.


New School Updates

  • The Hillsdale K-12 Education team assisted with the fall 2023 launch of Mosaic Classical Academy (Toledo, OH), Tulsa Classical Academy (Tulsa, OK), and Wyoming Classical Academy (Casper, WY) as Hillsdale College Member Schools.
  • We hope to assist in the launch of nine Member Schools for fall 2024, and the leaders for all nine schools began training with the K-12 Education team in October of 2023. Six of these schools have their facilities and are working on enrollment; three are working to lock-in facilities before the end of January. These nine efforts also represent movement into five new states, with schools hoping to open in Alabama, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas.
  • We are currently working with more than 8 schools or school founding efforts hoping to open new schools in 2025.
  • In addition to the network of Hillsdale College Member Schools, more than 70 schools and school founding efforts have licensed the Hillsdale K-12 Program Guide as a Hillsdale College Curriculum School. These schools represent about 9000 additional students who are receiving Hillsdale College curriculum this school year, and many more who will receive it in the future.



Snapshot Statistics

2023-24 School Year



Total Enrollment: 14,999
Avg. Enrollment Per School: 652

Total Waitlist: 9930
Avg. Waitlist per School: 432


Student Info

Student Retention, Spring to Fall 2023: 86.2%
Special Education Population: 17.5%[*]
English Language Learners: 3.6%
Economically Disadvantaged: 17.5%


Faculty/Staff Info

Total Faculty: 1107
Avg. Faculty per School: 50
Avg. Faculty Teaching Experience: 8.3 years
Avg. Faculty Retention: 80.4%


Total Staff: 730
Avg. Staff per School: 33



2023 Graduates: 181
Avg. SAT: 1176 (1028 National Avg.)
Avg. ACT: 23.9 (19.5 National Avg.)
Avg. CLT: 77.5 (63 National Avg.)
4-year high school graduation rate: 98.3%

  • 4-year college: 66.9%
  • 2-year college: 21.6%

Enlisted: 2.8%


[*] includes students with IEPs, 504 plans, and similar education plans (not RTI/MTSS students)